VCeylon Batapolal 750g


Batapolal is a medium sized red rice. It yields in three & a half months and is often grown in the wet zone in Sri Lanka. It is recognizable through it’s distinct brown colour with brown streaks. It has a slight odour and the taste is moderate.

Batapolal rice is rich with nutritional and medicinal properties and suitable for those who suffering from various diseases and feeding mothers.


Nutritional :
–   high Protein
–   high  Fat
–   high fiber
–   high in antioxidants.

Medicinal :
–   good for diabetic
–  anti  cancer properties
–   promote blood circulation and has antiseptic properties.
–   ability to detoxify the body.
–   helps to maintain the liver enzyme activity

Approximate composition (% by Mass) of this rice is as follows. Carbohydrate content (71.7-72.9) and Protein content is 11.1. The fat content is 2.5. It is high in crude fibre and contains micronutrients such as Iron (2.4) and Zinc (2.8). It also contains 1.8 antioxidants .


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