VCeylon Maa Wee 750g

Maa Wee

The rice variety Maa Wee has a long history, and in ancient times it was cultivated mainly in the vicinity of the Nilwala river in Sri Lanka. Maa Wee is rich with its taste and smooth to stomach.

General benefits:
• Helps to reduce weight and improve body shape
• Relieves the inflammation of the body


Medicinal values: good for reducing the effects or curing the below;
• Tuberculosis
• Diabetes
• Constipation
• Haemorrhoids
• Heart disease
• helps in treating cancer as it contains a high percentage of antioxidants

Nutritional Values :
• Improve physical strength
• boost fertility and reproduction power of both genders

The composition (%) is 82.23 Carbohydrates, 2.78 Fats and 2.68 fiber. 11.16 Protein. It also contains micronutrients such as Iron and Zinc.
It is proven to have 25% to 30% Glycemic Index (GI). This variety is rich in protein and fiber.


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